Santa Ana Immigration and Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our Santa Ana immigration attorneys offer personal and experienced assistance for all of your immigration needs in Santa Ana, California. 

Gupta & Trujillo’s Santa Ana Immigration attorneys provide the expert and dedicated attention to your immigration needs that you deserve.  Aside from being extremely knowledgeable in immigration law, our attorneys are fluent in Spanish and can assist you exclusively in Spanish if needed.   We are conveniently located in Orange, California, just minutes away from Santa Ana, the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, and Orange County’s Central Justice Center. 

If you are facing any criminal charges, Gupta & Trujillo’s criminal defense attorneys can provide top, attentive care to your case.  We are located near the Central Justice Center as well as Santa Ana Jail and County jail.  We work closely with the district attorney’s office and the local police department to bring a quick and favorable end to your case.   

Santa Ana, California is one of the oldest cities in California, founded in 1869 and quickly became one of the most important cities in Orange County.   In 1906, the Pacific Electric Railway was extended to Santa Ana and ran along 4th street.  Today, Santa Ana is one of the most populous cities in the entire United States.  Hispanics make up a large part of the population, with Mexican Americans and immigrants making up the largest portion of the Hispanic population.  Aside from being home to the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse and Santa Ana Civic Center, Santa Ana lends its name the iconic I-5 freeway and to the dry winds (Santa Ana winds) that help fuel wildfires.   In addition, the famous Bower’s Museum is located just a few minutes from the Civic Center and Federal Buildings.

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