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Gupta & Trujillo’s Immigration attorneys provide personalized and detail oriented legal representation for the city of Corona and all of Riverside County. 

Our immigration attorneys, beginning with your initial free consultation, examine all of the facts of your case, analyze them and then suggest a course of action most suitable for achieving your goals.  As children of immigrants themselves, Gupta & Trujillo’s attorneys know full well the important role that immigrants play in our community.  We take every effort to ensure that you are able to achieve your goals.  In addition, our immigration attorneys are fluent in Spanish, allowing them to provide our Spanish speaking clients with the same level of quality service as they do to our English speaking clients.

Our office provides legal services for Corona’s immigration needs.  Corona, California is located in Riverside County and is just south west of the City of Riverside.  Corona has a very diverse population and had a population of over 152,000 people as of the most recent census in 2010.  Corona was founded during the citrus boom in 1886.  Corona once laid claim to the title of the “lemon capital of the world.”  Up until the late 1980s, Corona was mostly agricultural but began to be developed The city derives its name and its nickname of “the circle city” due to the layout of its streets, which were circular.   Corona has been home to many famous entertainers such as Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182 as well as singer/songwriter Jenni Rivera.

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